Welcome to Metro City!

We get many calls from the public asking if we are a dog park because of our yard. No, we are not a park, we are a Doggie Daycare. A majority of our pets come from families that work long hours during the day. They send their dogs to day care so they could play and socialize with other dogs. This is a luxury for their dog and for the owners, who literally work long hard hours and pay to have someone take care of their pet. OUR HOURS ARE Monday - Friday 7:00am to 6:30pm We are closed on weekends.

What We Offer for Your Dog

  • Room to run fast and play hard. We have over 7500 square feet)
  • 100% cage free.
  • A great workout.
  • Socialization with other dog breeds

Please note that daycare should not be used as a means of training your dog. Dogs that attend daycare must be well behaved. They must be trained to play well with other dogs, not bite others, and have no internal fear of gender. If your dog is extremely anxious,constantly barks, and wants to attack when placed on a leash, then you pet may not be a good match for this facility.



717 Oakland Park Dr
Columbus, OH 43224



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