What is Metro City Doggie Daycare?

Our goal is to provide your dog with an off leash, cage free, safe and healthy play environment that enriches their spirit, increase their social skills, and give hours of play to stimulate their mind. Supervised by caring staff, our daycare offers a wonderful alternative to being left home alone, with exercise, socialization, and opportunities to interact that with other dogs.

Why do dogs love Metro City?

  • Freedom to run and play all day in an open environment (we have the biggest outdoor yard in the metro area at over 7500 square feet).
  • We are 100% cage free so your dog will not be isolated from other dogs (dogs are social animals and need socialization).
  • Your dog will get stronger as a result of exercise and this can prolong your pet's life.
  • Your dog will meet a wide variety of other dogs that come from loving homes just like yours. Your dog will meet and play with dogs of different breeds, sizes, personalities, ages and drives.
  • Through repeated visits, your dog will develop a better human relationship and will become more mature over time (we recommend that you bring your dog to daycare at least once a week so that he or she can socialize with other dogs). This also helps your dog adjust his or her behavior when meeting other dogs.


717 Oakland Park Dr
Columbus, OH 43224

Great Clintonville Location!


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